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What Is the Difference Between an OBGYN and Gynecologist?

What Is the Difference Between an OBGYN and Gynecologist?

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OBGYN and Gynecologist Near Me in Chicago, IL
OBGYN and Gynecologist Near Me in Chicago, IL

Table of Contents:

Is an OB-GYN the same as a gynecologist?
Are all OB-GYN surgeons?
What does an OB-GYN doctor do?
Can a gynecologist deliver babies?

Is an OB-GYN the same as a gynecologist?

OB-GYN is a specialized doctor, in a long format known as an obstetrician-gynecologist, basically, they are a doctor whose main focus is on obstetrics and gynecology.

Looking at the difference between Obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetrics is a branch of medicine that takes care of the medical and surgical care pre, during, and post-women giving birth to a child. Obstetrics main focus in on the care and maintenance of the women’s overall health during their maternity period. This care may include:

– Pregnancy
– Labor
– Childbirth
– Postpartum

Many OB-GYN’s do office visits, perform various surgeries which mainly focus on the women’s bodies and their reproductive system. This can include diagnosing, offering treatments, and medical care of a women’s reproductive health, which includes:

– Vagina
– Uterus
– Ovaries
– Fallopian tubes

Gynecology offices also screen for and treat multiple problems in relation to women’s breasts. Gynecology’s focus is on women’s health, mainly pertaining to puberty through to adulthood. Gynecology takes care of the reproductive medical healthcare received during the women’s entire lifetime.

Michelle Trandai MD provides a customized and personalized approach to private healthcare for your obstetrician-gynecology needs. Dr. Trandai is the head doctor of the clinic, you will never have to worry about finding another OB when it comes to your health, as she takes care of all of it.

Are all OB-GYN surgeons?

OB-GYN’s are trained surgeons who can perform a variety of surgeries including:

– C-sections
– Childbirth deliveries including instrumental deliveries
– Hysterectomies
– Removing any growths like ovarian cysts
– Surgeries to repair the pelvic organ if it goes through an injury

OB-GYN’s can also perform in-office procedures and routine check-ups that may include:

– Pap smears to check and test for cervical cancer
– STI’s
– Fertility treatments include egg retrievals if you are looking to do IVF or egg-freezing
– Pelvic ultrasounds to check for any issues with the pelvic organs and monitor pregnancy
– Infertility treatments and infertility counseling
– Medical care management of urinary issues, including urinary tract infections
– Treating common female issues like anemia
– Breast exams and breast healthcare including mammograms and other breast screenings for cancer

OB-GYN’s also address many general health concerns you may have including mental health issues, prescriptions that may need to be filled, blood work, and referrals to specialists.

What does an OB-GYN doctor do?

An OB-GYN specializes in female health. As a woman, you deal with different body experiences, multiple biological functions including menstruation, childbirth (if you choose), and menopause. All of which is why it is great to have a doctor who specializes in women’s health, which is exactly what OB-GYN’s provide care for, as well as much more.

OB-GYN’s clinic specializes in medical care for females in regards to their reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and beyond. Some OB-GYN’s also provide medical care for general health services similar to what you would see at a primary care or family care doctor’s clinic.

Can a gynecologist deliver babies?

An obstetrician is a specialized doctor who cares for women during pregnancy, delivery of the child as well offers care just after they give birth. A gynecologist’s focus and specialized training is on women’s reproductive health. If you were to visit just a gynecologist, they would not deliver the baby, as their main focus is on the care of females and their reproductive health which may include important health issues in relation to birth control, sexually transmitted diseases including STI’s, hormone disorders and much more.

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